Before / After 28 days


Up to 109% increase in skin hydration
+32% increase in skin firmness
+43% decrease in wrinkle volume
Up to + 27% increase in skin elasticity

100% of the volunteers felt their skin was firmer
95% of the volunteers felt their skin was regenerated
95% of the volunteers would recommend this product to a friend


Pure Suisse Laboratoire and Porto University research spin-off Inovapotek have partnered for the in-vivo study for the efficacy evaluation of combined care beauty program. The main goal of this study was to evaluate the long term firming, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle effects of a cosmetic product combined with a food supplement in 21 female volunteers after 28 consecutive days of treatment.

Research consisted of a combination of biometric measures of wrinkles, skin hydration and elasticity (equipment including: Corneometer, Cutometer, Primos, Visionface), as well as subjective and clinical evaluations (Fitzpatrick Wrinkle Scale).